Sheet Metal

We are experts in the installation of sheet metal ductwork.  Our team has decades of experience of installing rectangular, round and oval ductwork as well as the associated fittings, grills, registers and diffusers.  We take great care to make sure your ductwork is installed to provide the most efficient movement of air while going to great lengths to eliminate any leaks, noise or heating/cooling loss.

Sheet Metal Services

High/Medium/Low Pressure Duct

Ducts are categorized as high, medium and low pressure depending on the amount of air velocity they can sustain.  Our team has many years of experience installing each type correctly and exactly to specifications.

Grease Duct Systems

There are many commercial environments laden with vapors containing grease.  We have the necessary experience to install highly specialized grease duct systems for our clients.  Whether you are a restaurant or a Major League Baseball stadium, we have you covered.

Exhaust & Ventilation Systems

We have a very broad base of experience in designing and installing exhaust and ventilation systems.  We have done hundreds of installations in hospitals, laboratories, research facilities, manufacturing plants, prisons, schools and everything else in between.  We have the knowledge to install your exhaust or ventilation system correctly and safely.

Every Job Is A Custom Fit

Our duct installations are designed to be an exact and perfect fit for your application.  Every joint of duct and every fitting is built specifically to meet the needs of your facility.

We have the expertise to break and roll sheet metal into many different gauges from 10 to 28. We can create sheets of sheet metal ranging from 48-144 inches. We have huge manufacturing capacity and fulfill the requirements of the client without any problems. In addition to sheet metal, the materials we work with on a regular basis are stainless steel, PVC, and galvanized iron. We have the capacity to undertake massive projects as we can produce nearly 50,000 pounds of sheet metal every week.

We are a company that aims to not just meet but exceed the expectations of its clients. Our products and services always meet the standards of Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association (SMACNA). We are so confident about the quality of our products that we give long term warranties to our customers.

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