Medical Gas

At RLP Mechanical Contractors, we take pride in being a part of the healthcare industry. We take great care in the medical gas installation and maintenance needs of hospitals to help them save human lives. We provide medical gas piping for oxygen, vacuum, medical air and nitrous oxide as well as medical gas equipment.

Medical Gas Services

Complete System Installation

We are proud to be regarded as one of the best medical gas system specialists in the DFW area.  We have the technical knowledge and ability to install all equipment and piping for a complete medical gas system.  In 2017 we were fortunate to have the opportunity to install the largest medical gas central plant and piping distribution system in the great state of Texas.  This new system greatly reduced the hospital’s power consumption while providing a safe and efficient medical gas system for their patients.


Certified Med Gas Plumbers

We have certified medical gas plumbers on staff at RLP Mechanical Contractors that have the knowledge, skills and experience to make every installation perfect.  They take great pride in providing high quality installations that provide a safe environment for the patients that will use these systems.

Medical Gas Maintenance

Equipment Replacements

Medical gas systems are made up of critical components that are very sensitive in nature. We inspect and monitor the inner workings of these components at frequent intervals. These components need to be replaced whenever they develop even a minor snag. This is because any leakage or interruption in supply of medical gases can be nightmarish for any hospital or medical facility using them. We supply the best quality components for medical gas systems that are robust and continue to work at optimum levels for a long time to come.

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