Plumbing in institutional and commercial environments is complex and requires a broad base of knowledge. At RLP Mechanical Contractors, we have established ourselves as a high-quality plumbing contractor capable of meeting any need. We are regarded as one of the most trustworthy commercial plumbing services in DFW and its surrounding areas.

Our Plumbing Services

Water Distribution Systems

We design and install high quality, efficient water distribution systems that are tailor made to suit our clients’ needs.  We build quality water distribution systems designed to work seamlessly for years to come.

Sanitary/Storm Sewer Systems

We are experts in installing and maintaining commercial drainage systems. We can install the drainage system that meets your needs.


We can install all fixtures needed for your restrooms, kitchens or any other room.  We have decades of experience of installing toilets, faucets, showers, eye washes sinks in hospitals, laboratories, factories and other commercial properties.

Valve Installation & Replacement

Valves are critical components in any commercial piping installation that is used to regulate the flow of water.  We are experts in installing all types of valves.  We can quickly identify defective valves and repair or replace them to restore service.

Pipe Fabrication

We have licensed plumbers, fitters and welders that can fabricate any piping configuration needed.  We also have the facilities and expertise to pre-fabricate piping so that we have are able to minimize downtime during reconfigurations and repairs.

Water Purification & Filtration

We have years of experience installing and maintaining water purification and filtration systems for commercial installations.  We can install a water treatment system that meets your specific needs.

Technique Training

We provide a wide range of installation, repair, and maintenance services to our clients in diverse industries. We continuously train our staff members in the latest plumbing techniques to be able to handle any plumbing tasks required by our clients.

More Plumbing Services

Water Softeners

In places where the condition of the water is hard (high mineral content), we install water softening systems. A water softener is a device that softens the water by removing the high mineral content such as calcium and magnesium. These automatic softeners are installed in places where it is necessary to convert hard water into soft water before it can be used.

New Plumbing Retrofits

Many of our clients ask us to carry out plumbing retrofits at their facilities. This is a task that involves replacing current fixtures with devices that use less water. We first conduct a water audit and then propose which fixtures and appliances need to be upgraded to maximize on water efficiency.

Pipe Insulation

We provide excellent pipe insulation service to our clients. Whether the temperatures are extremely hot or cold, pipe insulation is very important. You want to rely on the best to keep your plumbing running optimally. Our insulation is long lasting and tremendously effective.

Sump Pumps

We are experts in installing sump pumps to drain out excess water from the basements of our clients facilities.

Water Heaters

When it comes to the installation, repair, and maintenance of commercial water heaters, we are the professionals you want in your corner. Whether you are in need of heavy duty or light duty commercial water heaters, we take care of them all. We do not take short cuts or let existing insufficient water heater systems go unnoticed. We will let you know what it takes to get your old system running like it should  and give you replacement options if it is too far gone. We install quality commercial water heater systems that are designed to keep up with the demand. We have maintenance plans available and as always, we stand behind our work.

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